Don’t Take Pictures Magazine
Kat Kiernan: Editor in Chief
Roger Thompson: Senior Editor


Articles on Art and Selected Reviews
“Jacob Hessler’s Waterworld.” Don’t Take Pictures 8 (Spring 2017).

“Memory, Machine, and the Illuminated Present: Christopher Payne's Textiles.” Don’t Pictures 7 (Fall 2016): 38-45.

“The Finely Tuned Frequencies of Loic Lucas.” Raw Vision 89 (April 2016): 50-55.

“Stark Lives, Stark Land: Anna Filapova’s Northernmost Mines.” Don’t Take Pictures 6 (Spring 2016): 18-23.

“Installation Photograph and the Transformation of the Viewer.” Don’t Take Pictures 5 (Fall 2015): 32-37. Most viewed article of 2016.

“Looking Through the Skull: Decay and the ‘Mysterious’ Jaime Johnson.” Don’t Take Pictures 4 (Spring 2015): 2-9.

“Hearing the Body, Witnessing Lives: Bear Kirkpatrick’s Wall Portraits.” Don’t Take Pictures 3 (Fall 2014)

“Collecting the Vernacular: An Interview with John Foster.” Don’t Take Pictures 3 (Fall 2014): 44-49.

“Icebergs and the End of ‘Efforting’: Jonathan Pozniak’s Photographs.” Don’t Take Pictures 2 (Spring 2014): 24-31.

“Memory and the Inner Landscape of Joshua Meier.” Don’t Take Pictures 1 (Fall 2013): 14-19.

“The Impossible Organisms of a Fantastical World: Stephanie Lucas and French Art Brut.” Raw Vision 77 (Winter 2012): 36-41.

"Moved to Create." (Cover Story) The Outsider 12.1 (Spring 2007): 15-19.

Rev. of Armand Schulthess: J’ai Le Telephone. DVD. The Outsider 16.1 (Fall 2011): 52- 53.

Rev. of Capturing Nature: The Cement Sculpture of Dionicio Rodriguez. The Outsider14.1 (Spring 2009): 41.

Rev. of Mingering Mike: The Amazing Career of an Imaginary Soul Superstar. The Outsider 13.1 (Spring 2008): 38.